Thursday 9 August 2007

Lead where you are

Over the top for three days at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit at their South Barrington campus. The line up's impressive — Carly Fiorina, Marcus Buckingham, Professor Michael Porter of Harvard, Colin Powell, John Ortberg, former US President Jimmy Carter. It'll be interesting to do some world class leadership training with 6 colleages from the diocese, a team from Gerrard's Cross, and friends from the Bristol Diocese — all at a fraction of the price this kind of stuff would cost anywhere else.

I'm not wowed by every aspect of Mega Church theology and practice, and those for whom it's home acknowledge the issues surprisingly often, but there's a serious commitment to excellence and the kingdom here. It's good to get out of my tree and see what's to learn from some very different servants of Christ. Watch this space!

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seethroughfaith said...

I went to the willowcreek summit (video link) in Helsinki and it was good -very.

mega church or not - they are committed to excellence in feeding the leaders and there was a lot there that really helped me (and some harvard business stuff that went WAY over my head)

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