Saturday 11 August 2007

Good News for the Real World?

Richard Curtis spoke passionately and eloquently, in film as well as words, about Africa. His job was to acknowledge the vastness of the numbers, but try and give each of the people concerned a name and a face, so that people could recognise a common humanity in them. Bill Hybels summarised the implications: "The local church is the hope of the world, but we've got to engage with it... enough stuff, enough pleasure, enough chasing empty dreams. let's get into the real issues."

As an aside Richard asked an interesting question about films: If you make a film about some crazy guy losing it and doing something violent and disturbed that has only happened once in recorded history, everybody says it's "gritty and searingly realistic." If you try and express something of the experience of delight, joy and hope people find all over the world millions of times a day when they fall in love, you get told it's "unrealistic, cloying and sentimental." Is this inevitable? Why?

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