Friday 3 August 2007

Swimming pool attendants of the world, unite!

Chemicals? Water testing? Pump maintenance? heater control?

When my chaplain retired to Cyprus, she left us the [remains of] a 32 foot splash pool. Sadly the mice in their garage had got there first. Cutting it into 6 inch strips with a Stanley knife (Lucy did that bit) and getting it down the dump (together), left us with a mossy patch in the lawn and some rather disappointed children. Two days and £155 later, with a bit of help from eBay, we were the proud owners of a new 18 foot splash pool. Deep Joy. 4 foot deep.

But soft! some lucky lad has to fallolop about around it for ten minutes every day — keeping it chlorinated, controlling its alkalinity, zapping the slugs, hoovering it out in the rain, cleaning the filters, engineering a heater pressure relief valve with washing machine components from Homebase.

I always wanted to own a boat. Now I know why I don't... but the sprogs like it anyway.

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