Saturday 18 August 2007

Bonsai (= Simpsonize) your loved ones!

Happy families or what? Politicians and others bang on about "family" as some kind of ideal thing, but we don't quite achieve that.

Jesus was obviously into love and respect, but never sentimentalised his family, or put it before the Kingdom (see, e.g. Matthew 12:48, Luke 9:59)
I realise as hang out together intensively this week, we do love each other a lot as well as argue a lot and, for the record, we are a bubbly, awkward, diverse lot of people together, all ages en masse. God gave us this as gift and, without being sappy about it, what he made is something to be proud of and cherish. There are such things as Simpson family values...

Given we're on holiday, most content right now comes from Stewart and Nicholas. They saw the Simpsons Movie for the second time on the Liverpool Ferry, pointed out the parallels with our little barrel of monkeys, and were horrified to think I didn't know how to Simpsonize Lucy and myself.

If you want the treatment, click here.

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