Wednesday 29 August 2007

Who's Back? What from?

Click This

Or This

Ian got some Spiritual Toffee to chew on

So did the Chair & Vice Chair of the Methodist Conference

Try this (Andy Goodliff)

or this for some music

or a thinking/praying movie

even (Cardboard) Gordon Broon in the Beer Tent


...must do it some time...


Anonymous said...

you mean you've never been to Greenbelt? forget the american trips, you have to come along!!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Maggi I've been meaning to for about 20 years!! It's something to do with having holidays to match school breaks, really. Next year, however...

Anonymous said...

book it now!!! I can't believe every bishop in England isn't there... it will put your finger on the pulse of something important, and you will also whave a whole lot of fun!

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