Wednesday 3 October 2007

Holy Grail, Batman! Natural Contracepton that really works!

Still on an Ecumenical theme, here's some public information about a hardy perennial for our Roman Catholic friends, reliable natural birth control:


Jeremy Bonner said...

Dear Bishop Alan,

It would be one thing if you had posted this as a humorous take on a video game, though I don't think it's that amusing.

The fact that you tag this in the subject line as "birth control" is, to my mind, unfortunate.

There are already too many snide comments made by secularists about NFP (which is much more subtle than the old fashioned rhythm method and does work if it is used properly - it just requires a degree of self-discipline). The last thing that is needed is for a leader of the flock to be patronizing about it.

Why not take a leaf out of Archbishop Rowan's book and actually worry a little about the sexualization of culture. After all, the ad you post contains two very contemporary themes (an unmarried couple living together and fear of pregnancy).

Why not offer some reflections on these two themes, if you chose to post the ad on your personal site? Is it not sad that fewer and fewer people are choosing to live together in Christian marriage? If not, why not? Is it not sad that having a child is now seen by so many as an inconvenience rather than a blessing? You may not believe in the reality of natural family planning, but at least try and comprehend the motives of those of us who do.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Dear Jeremy,

I'm sorry to have offended you by posting this silly film. Sarcasm is the cheapest form of wit, and I had no intention to offend.

It may be that cultural assumptions about contraception (which was such a big issue at Lambeth conferences 1908-58) are vastly different on different sides of the Atlantic, even among RC's (the highest rates of natural contraception in Europe are now in Italy), and I'm sure you will only think all the worse of me when I say that it had not crossed my mind that anyone would take this silly advert seriously.

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