Friday 26 October 2007

Postcard from Weymouth

Not from us — we're at home — but from Jane Goodwin, friend from a few years ago in Sandhurst now living in Weymouth, who saw the blog and emailed to say hello.

It's good to see Hayley (who used to be a toddler) auctioning a sign for Slum Survivor (a soul survivor thing) here on Youtube.

Hearing from Jane reminded me about how she came to real faith (Jane, please correct me if I'm remembering this wrong) during one holy week that she described as feeling rather like falling in love — which, in a way it was. And it all began with Hayley, as a toddler, being given a palm cross. Which is a message to all vicars everywhere to get those palm crosses out, with love and prayer.

At the time I was struggling a bit at work, slightly losing the plot. Jane's story really inspired me at the time, and reminded me what this is actually all about. It's so good to know she's doing OK. Well, more than OK.

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