Tuesday 27 November 2007

Look out, there’s a monster coming

According to a report earlier this year in the Daily Mail

Health chiefs are spending thousands of pounds ordering churches to put up signs banning smoking. The decision has left religious leaders bemused because, they say, no one smokes in places of worship anyway.

The Botafumeiro of Santiago de Compostela shows there are Churches in the world that appreciate smoke, and flash photography. Just don’t try this with your house group at home...

Even if every Church can't have one of these (why not?), surely it could recruit a Quasimodo/ Oompa Loompa crew to get the things that really matter done around the place. That would bring men back to the Church.
So what’s the most distracting piece of kit you've ever seen in Church?

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Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Mary, thanks for your comment about the Bouncy castle in the nave and Tardis with the scouts, which Blogger has inexplicably parked on the Wednesday story about Environmental consciousness.

Your Tardis reminded me of a visit I once paid to an urban church with a small blue chemical toilet by the back door. I remarked to one elderly parishioner "It reminds me of the tardis" and she replied, quick as a flash, "actually round here, your grace, we call it the Turdis." Brilliant!

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