Tuesday 25 December 2007

Tamil Santa says...

Get your laughing gear round this — Tamil carol singers from Bangalore Cathedral, and, towards the end, Lucy & I pitching in with everyone else and making complete prats of oruselves.

As we lumber through the jollifications we all need to remember we can't actually make complete prats of ourselves with real friends, because they are our real friends. It also suggests what I've long suspected, that as we learn from submariners and children's entertainers, living is for people who are into joy and life, not amour-propre.

Well, we've got twelve in to share Christmas, and will aim for more unbridled joy than standard issue for the English home counties. We are delighted to share warm memories of friends in India, as we wish everyonem, wherever you are, however warm or wet, a truly joyful Christmas.

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