Friday 14 December 2007

Transforming conflict

Wherever there’s life there’s conflict. Some people love it (boy, this is what I can Valhalla) but most of us in this culture loathe and fear it. Especially when it is about religion, there's nothing like Basil Fawlty repression about conflict to make idiots out of us.

I was off at 5.00 a.m. this morning to York, for the first day of a course resourced by two Cambridge psychologists on Conflict Transformation — not management, but transformation. The premise is not very English — that conflict is actually part of life, not some awful breakdown in the fabric of everything. What matters is not avaoiding it, not even understanding it completely (because much conflict arises from the deeply irrational, fight or flight parts of us), but to see it through a process of Integrative Complexity.” I’m off to learn what that is, and very much looking forward to the learning. Watch this space.

first entry posted on a train!


Sarah Brush said...

Oooh sounds good. SAOMC did some good basic stuff on conflict and the idea of the locus of control which wasn't very well recevied by the group as a whole at the time but, in reflection, I've probably used things I learnt in that part of the course more than I have used some of the Biblical theology!

Tia Lynn said...

sounds interesting. thanks for sharing

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