Thursday 31 January 2008

Caution: Men at Work

A great year at Alton. Common themes and contrasts arise from six very different ministries, pooled openly in a context of deep knowledge, mutual liking and great respect. Experience is captured, Perspectives shift, new angles emerge. Why don’t everyone do this?

This year’s Discursive Reflection has been particularly well aided and abetted by its location — the Best Pub in the World, the Sun at Bentworth. Mary keeps good beer and runs a fine house of Discursive Reflection. (Obscure Note to self: Pickled Partridge especially good starter)

Australia, of course, being down under, poses particular challenges for discursive reflection, as witness this gem from less-well-known-than-he ought-to-be-in-England comic Shaun Micallef:

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