Friday 18 January 2008

News from the Eco Front Line

Last September (Lucy’s birthday) it became plain to me that our Struggle to Save the Planet had reached that Peter-Cook-and-Dudley-Moore point when a really futile gesture might be necessary, to raise the whole tone of the war. I went out and got Lucy one of these — a Tefal One-Cup water heater. It descales/filters tapwater and squirts it into your mug one shot at a time. Now we can all boil single cups without wasting the energy and water involved in Waltzing Matilda with a full Billy Can every time. You also save resources, because the shorter waiting time enables you to tuck fewer jumbucks in your tucker bag. And, long term, you reduce dependence on Coolibah trees. Obviously all micro scale Eco-Warriors should rush out and buy one. I bet they've got one on the Rainbow Warrior. I bet whales will soon be fitted with them so that they can do their bit by only blowing one bathful of seawater at a time. Maybe not.

But here’s the rub. Yesterday I ordered three replacement filter cartridges off Amazon. Back came the email confirming the order, with the suggestion that my “next purchase” should be... A Tefal One-cup water heater. So, apparently, real Eco-warriors just buy the cartridges, and don’t bother with the water heater. Aha! And not having a water heater to use them in not only saves power but also, long term, reduces your dependence on cartridges. Consistent radical thinking will win this war!

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