Monday 21 January 2008

Sinking the Flying Dustman

Acting on a tip-off from Charles Overton, Vicar of Chalfont St Peter, I actually bought a paper yesterday — the Sunday Times — mostly for the free DVD of the complete Captain Pugwash inside. As well as taking me back down memory lane, this turned out to be more informative and true to the real world than the rest of the paper. That's the Captain (Left), whose picture has somehow got mixed up with that Captain of Industry and fellow former sailor and broad tie enthusiast, the late great Sir John Harvey-Jones (Right).

The disk conclusively disproves those smutty rumoursthere never was a Master Bate, Roger the Cabin Boy, or Able Seaman Staines. Pirate Willy however, came from Wigan, and the show spawned a mysteriously raunchy and operatic Donna Bonanza.

I wonder if this is where Mrs Thatcher got the whole Free Enterprise thing from. This glorious episode, for example, recalls an early incident in which the captain, or is it Sir John Harvey Jones, discovers how organisations and competitiveness really work:


Sarah Brush said...

No, indeed. The cabin boy's name was Tom wasn't it?

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

’fraid so. I gather the whole thing was made with cardboard and brass paperclips. Those were the days.

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