Monday 4 February 2008

L4/2 Kitting up for (Paperless) Spring

2. Give a LLLL booklet to everyone who lives in your house. Oh dear. Ive only got 1! I've printed off my electronic copy for the family noticeboard, but that's not quite what they had in mind, perhaps. Or is what I've (not) done the ecological option? I spent a happy day once reading the Guardian Guide to ethical living, which was full of creative ways to save the world like peeing on the compost heap instead of down the loo, and running your diesels on chip fat. It strangely omitted what I would have thought was the bleeding obvious way to save paper — not buying a daily printed newspaper! Or perhaps this is all excuses. We’ll pin it up in the kitchen and see how we do for now...


Anonymous said...

Oh you have thrown me now ... just came by to see how you are going with LLLL2 and you have a different action to me!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Hi Suzy. I'm going on the pdf one I was sent — now, having dropped by your place to find out what I was supposed to do, I discover it's contact an old family member, which I've got down for Action 6 on Friday. They must have pootled about with a few things in between sending me the paperless one I was trying to be all ecological about, and the real one you've got.

What shall we do?

(1) Carry on in the hope of a pleasing in-and-out-of focus thing as we spread goodness in our own slightly divergent ways and learn to enjoy diversity?

(2) Found rival denominations and slug it out in the name of the Lord?

Don’t know about you. I think I'd like to see DaveÆs cartoon version of the options about this before deciding?



Anonymous said...

Would make a good cartoon! :) I could send you the updated pdf I got from Nadine if you like - I only got it because I noticed that action 47 was missing from the original one!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Aha! Enlightenment. Thanks, Suzy.I've now stirred my sticks and found my print copy, which I knew I’d got somewhere, in spite of all the hoo-hah, and see what’s happend. Means I can have a TV free day on Friday and play games instead. Suite me!


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