Tuesday 5 February 2008

Warmth, love and depth — and fun

I was moved by Ruth Gledhill’s background blog piece about Archbishop Drexel Gomez, with whom she’s published a London Times headline interview about the future, the Covenant and the Lambeth Conference.

I’ve only been to church four times in my life in Barbados, but I remember an overpowering sense of warmth, love and depth — real spiritual and personal encounter, and a genuine welcome. I feel echoes of it sometimes here with Vincentians in High Wycombe. It cured me (Seventies ordinand) of any false notions about the necessity for modern liturgical language for live encounter with God, and showed me how much liturgy is about the whole music, the whole dance, whole lives, not just words.

The Crown Jewels of the piece, however, is this piece of Fry and Laurie from the eighties. It came from Sam Norton last Friday —the whole low down about GAFCON:


Sam Charles Norton said...

+Alan - whilst there is a bit of me which is extremely gratified to be confused with that excellent theologian Sam Wells I feel I should point out the misattribution!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Sam — Aaaargh!

Freudian Slip! I'll sort it.

I love your stuff too, Sam!

as ever


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