Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Local Church — hope of the world

Having called for prayer for Zimbabwe this weekend, some colleagues have been emailing, to tell me of deep roots they have, in prayer and working relationships, which bear on this situation. This, for example came from Fr Simon Douglas-Lane from Wraysbury and Horton (you often see Horton going into Heathrow)
We have had a project in Gwelutshena for 25 years and are in constant contact with them and have sent thousands of pounds: was at supper last night with a family friend who is married to Ivor Richard and he was involved with the 1976 Conference on Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in Geneva: Mugabe was then a devout Catholic and able to be involved with meaningful discussions on the future of the country: he has sadly turned into a tyrant and ruined his country: we are all praying here for an early deliverance from their long dark night and Zimbabwe, Bishop Wilson and Fr Jacob are prayed for at every service in both parishes.
It often strikes travellers that the poorest and most obscure communities around the world don't have much infrastructure. There isn’t often a surgery, or a bank, or even a post office. There is, however, a local Church. If you really want to change the world, you have to take that reality seriously.
Please do with your prayers for Zimbabwe this weekend.

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