Saturday 11 April 2009

Tomb under an empty sky

Holy Saturday is the empty day — life lies in the tomb, with nothing much going on. The seed sleeps in the ground, and it takes considerable faith to believe such emptiness is, in fact, charged with life.

Thomas Merton:

The Sowing of Meanings

See the high birds!
Is theirs the song

That dies among the wood-light

Wounding the listener with such bright arrows?
Or do they play in wheeling silences

Defining in the perfect sky

The bounds of (here below) our solitude,

Where spring has generated lights of green
To glow in clouds upon the sombre branches?

Ponds full of sky and stillnesses

What heavy summer songs still sleep
Under the tawny rushes at your brim?

More than a season will be born here, nature,

In your world of gravid mirrors!
The quiet air awaits one note,

One light, one ray and it will be the angels' spring:

One flash, one glance upon the shiny pond, and then

Asperges me! sweet wilderness, and lo! we are redeemed!

For, like a grain of fire

Smouldering in the heart of every living essence

God plants His undivided power --

Buries His thought too vast for worlds
In seed and root and blade and flower,

Until, in the amazing light of April,

Surcharging the religious silence of the spring,

Creation finds the pressure of His everlasting secret

Too terrible to bear.

Then every way we look, lo! rocks and trees

Pastures and hills and streams and birds and firmament

And our own souls within us flash, and shower us with light,

While the wild countryside, unknown, unvisited of men,
Bears sheaves of clean, transforming fire.

And then, oh then the written image, schooled in sacrifice,

The deep united threeness printed in our being,

Shot by the brilliant syllable of such an intuition, turns within,
And plants that light far down into the heart of darkness and oblivion,
Dives after, and discovers flame.

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