Sunday 5 August 2007

Filling a hole, finding a Vicar...

Good morning at St Andrew's High Wycombe, where they're looking for a new vicar.

It's a Charismatic Evangelical parish, and I was struck by the large number of gifted people around the place. They have a brilliant scheme where they pray in Church for anything people in the various roads around the parish want them to pray for, having visited them. It's very plugged into its surrounding community, with real warmth and experience of God.

So what do they think they need in their new vicar? Teaching gifts, people said. But even more importantly, when pushed, someone who can combine high faith with low ego.
  1. Secure enough about God and themselves to enjoy others' giftedness without having to be up front all the time.
  1. Strong enough to hold everyone and occasionally dig in over things that matter.

Hmm... quite a stretch. A real Servant Leader?


seethroughfaith said...

sounds wonderful. hope they find her :)

Anonymous said...

...or him!! If we co-operate with God, we will!! Please pray with us for His person for our lovely church family.

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