Monday 3 September 2007

Is there no end to these people's talents?

Wonderful news from the Reverends Mike & Liz Morris in Milton Keynes
(dateline Sunday 2 September)

In Mike's words...
Baby Rowan Michael Morris was born 10 days early this morning at 3.20am delivered by Daddy in Mummy and Daddy's bedroom! He was in such a hurry to meet us - the paramedics and midwife arrived just after the event!!! Rowan weighed 7lb 5 1/2oz and is just perfect!

Bethany slept right through all the drama in the next room and didn't wake up till gone 9am. She is totally besotted with her little brother and is being very helpful!

Still feeling a little shell shocked at having had a home birth with no professionals present but Mike has obviously found another calling in life...something to put on the CV for sure! (We had planned a hospital birth with all the trimmings.) We are overjoyed and delighted that our gorgeous son is here safe and well.

Must be something about our children and making a dramatic and memorable entrance into the world!
Who said Anglican-Methodist partnership doesn't work? Many congratulations, much love, and profound admiration surely, with the assurance of our prayers, to Liz, Mike and Bethany from all your friends and colleagues in ministry in Buckinghamshire!

1 comment:

Fiona Cule said...

I can vouch for him being perfect! He just wanted to start the party of life as soon as possible! Congratulations again, both.


(NOT Aunty Fi, just Fi)

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