Sunday 14 October 2007

At home in the real world?

There are two radically different concepts of “world” in the NT. There’s (often) this world’ that by wisdom did not know God (I Corinthians 1:21) — Everything that drifts along regardless of, or even in opposition to God. More often there’s the world’ which God loved so much (John 3:16), and which God has reconciled to himself = the created world.

Organised religion can, if religious people let it, create for them their own private self-referential little world, outside of which nothing else matters, or even sometimes registers on the consciousness. That’s how passion slides over into the licensed insanity of fundamentalism. Jesus told his followers they could know the real spiritual value of things not by their origins, or how tightly they measure up to some abstract written standard, but by their fruit — in the real world.

For a reality check, this movie can be used together with the Global Rich List income calculator.

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