Saturday 13 October 2007

Is that it?

A characteristically creative and catchy new advert for the Alpha Course — There’s a line in Fawlty Towers ‘That was your life. Do I get another? Sorry, mate...’ It 's a challenge to outsiders, but also a challenge to Christian insiders —
how much of a ‘factory’ is Church?
Do we ever treat people like things, or standardize them, or homogenize them?
if so, what are we doing to free the spirits involved — theirs, ours and God's?


Revd. Neal Terry said...

In my experience very much so. Think this, belileve that. It is little wonder that the Alpha crowd produceed such an advert. They may kid themselves that they are being all post-ironic but the last thing they want is people who can think for themselves.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Sounds like you had a bad experience of Alpha, which I realise some people do. Courses can seem like an invitation to a dialogue that doesn't actually happen in a mutual way. You've got me thinking about how mechanistic modern evangelism methods can feel for postmodern people — I'm fantasizing about a "Christian" sausage machine thing, where the final shift off the conveyor is to "post Evangelical"— interesting. Thanks for your comment.

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