Friday 21 December 2007


I know, I know. You're desperately trying to find that special, personal present they won’t already have. And here it is, from the glorious Ship of Fools 12 Days of Kitchmas. For only $99 or $149 with detachable angel wings, you can have something that really will bear your griefs — a huggable cremated remains urn.
It’ll last for... er... ages, as long as you don’t go to bed with it. Let me rephrase that. It’ll probably see you out. But best give the gift of Love now, because if you wait until your relatives are on their last legs, they might think it tasteless. Which of course it isn’t.
Big h/t Canon John Rees.
PS This could be gilding the lily, but I wonder how much it would cost to embroider “Holds Grandma” on the other foot? Just a thought.

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