Saturday 8 December 2007

People, people everywhere...

Help! All the clichés are true, if only pale shadows of the vibrant realities that inspire them! Nothing could have prepared us for South India, either hi-tech Bangalore, or the remote rice bowl of the Deccan Plain. I'll limit myself to four blog entries over the next few days, because I'm fighting hard not to become an India Bore. Any voracious information gatherer loose in India feels like a hungry shark in an ocean of bright coloured tropical fish at dinnertime. Everything means something, and nothing is quite what it seems. You do get hooked. We did.
So, here are four immediate ways in that struck me — Mass humanity & inhumanity, Indian Driving, God overload, and something about Graciousness, Gracefulness and Grace. The other thing I must log sometime is the practical education/ development job Lucy and I went out to do, in which we was most triumphant, but mightily challenged.
Thanks to Lucy's conscientious following of our friend and Education Director Leslie Stephen's travel tips, we both came back with minds reeling but tummies untroubled by the legendary Delhi Belly. We got a diary, not diarrhoea. Not only is there a God — India has 8 Crores, 84 Lakh of gods (That’s 80,840,000 in the old money). Phew!

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