Saturday 5 January 2008

Holy Toast, Batman!

This ain’t no Barbara Cartland. She’s got Marilyn Manson eyes to die for, but she’s at least 90 years too young and 2 cm light in the make-up department. This here’s Diana Duyser of Hollywood, Fla USA (of course). Diana made a regular cheese toastie 10 years ago and found the Virgin Mary staring back at her, er, like the Mother of God does on such occasions. Mrs Duyser put it on eBay and it fetched $28,000. Some wags say it looks more like Eva Peron, or even (perish the thought) Madonna, but $28K is $28K, faithless ones.

Therefore I was thrilled to receive a holy toast maker among my most treasured Christmas presents this year. This gadget takes all the drudgery out of getting her holiness to show up. Nick had a go, and here’s the exciting result. Sadly, he stuck butter and marmalade on her, so she couldn’t go on eBay. But the principle holds: Let’s get that Virgin out onto those breakfast tables and see those sceptics tank!

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