Thursday 3 January 2008

Three Waymarks

  1. Just for the record, wandering lonely as a cloud in Prestwood on 31 December 2007 (I should have posted pix that day) I found next spring’s first flowering daffodils. This strikes me as even sillier than the Easter Eggs which have now appeared in some shops — a sign of global warming, perhaps? Or some particular strain of daffodil that doesn’t mind cold? or are daffodils coming out everywhere?

  2. Taken this morning — the last of Lucy’s and my anti-malarials from our India trip. Lucy’s grandparents/ parents all being congenitally Bristolian could tell you any day that anti-Malarials stop you getting Malarial. Which is what you get in hot places like Malayal, Indonesial, Burmal, and, or course, Indial. (Also available in Africal, Kenyal, Ugandal, Tanzanial, South Africal, Nigerial... sorry this is getting too silly.)
  3. Allowing for two preliminary tests (now erased), this be this blog’s 200th entry.


Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

Bishop Alan

Surprised by the daffs - although in the deep south anything's possible! Very interesting in light of 2007 being the second warmest year according to Met Office records.

Congrats on the 200th entry

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

It's particularly confusing for me because my lot came (originally) from Fair Isle — Scotland WAS the deep South!

Thanks and all best


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