Sunday 17 February 2008

L4/10-14 Good in parts

10. Find out about a local organization or event you could support.

11. Leave a thank-you note for your postie

12. Give a friend a home-made gift

13. Run an errand for someone in your locality

14. Do something practical to make your neighbourhood a brighter place

Hmm. Performance very variable this week, I'm sorry to say. Mostly done, with a few holes, and a bit of help from my friends, but not always on the right days or exactly as intended. Easy ones were the postie, whom I saw and greeted personally. Actually it’s not always the same one. Home made gift was an abject failure. It just involved being too creative and practical (dumb male). I saw Anna’s lovely home-made Valentine’s Day card for Lucy and me, and wept! The errand was a doddle, and for the next few days we’re feeding a rabbit over the road whilst the family’s away on a half term break. Most tendentious was 14, for which I replaced the basking light for Stephanie’s lizards upstairs, and cleaned up the fish in the hall and replaced their weed. It certainly made their environment a brighter place, but I'm not sure it’s exactly what was in mind.

So next week will be more as specified. When you take something on and it doesn't quite work out, the temptation is to jack it in if it wasn’t perfect. But if we really believe in grace, and that “we are wound with mercy round and round as if with air,” we can just pick ourselves up and get on with it. This works for Bible reading notes

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