Sunday, 20 April 2008

How do people use Church (or not)?

As well as reading about Church coming and going, I've been reading about how people in different cultures use their computers. Forrester research has been investigating the “Groundswell” of new media. Its research analyses usage like this:
The categories are made up around what you do online. Spectators read blogs, Critics Comment on blogs, Creators originate blogs. Joiners use Facebook et al. You get the idea. An individual can be on several rungs at the same time. Proportions on each rung are vastly different in different cultures. In the US, 25% are creators — in Europe only 10%. 53% of Europeans are inactives, 41% of Americans, only 37% of South Koreans.

OK Team. This method has absolutely no tested validity at all in the field of religious participation, but let's sketch on the back of an envelope. If patterns of church involvement were similar, and for all I know they are, In the UK roughly 70% = 35m people say they are Christians. Most actives would be, er 10% = 3·5m weekly participants. Anglicans would be just under 1m bums on pews a week. Inactives would be 53% = 26·5m. They are.
Spooky, ja?
Anyone care to develop this kind of approach?

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Yvonne said...

Interesting. The thing is, what do that 75% mean when they say they are Christians?

Apparently the percentage of people who believe in God as an impersonal spirit has risen since the 1970s, but those who believe in a personal God has dropped.

So do these people mean they accept the Nicene Creed and the 39 Articles? or do they mean they believe in God? or that they were baptised, but only attend church for christenings, weddings and funerals?

I think if you started asking these people what they actually believe, you'd get a very different picture.

Also so few people actually know what it means to be CofE - we told our neighbour that we're Pagan, and he said "Is that CofE?" Er, no.

I have recently complicated matters by joining the Unitarians whilst continuing to be a Wiccan. So whilst I attend chapel, that doesn't make me a Christian.

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