Sunday, 1 June 2008

Blessing Animals at Hulcott

Everybody does one of these services during their ministry, said a friend pointedly. Actually, after an afternoon blessing animals on the green at Hulcott, I'd cheerfully do one a week. Eat your heart out, Dr Doolittle. The sun shone (fitfully and improbably). None of the congregation ate any of the others, which always helps on these occasions. Kudos to Mark Ackford (Team Vicar) and Peter Boulton (Churchwarden) for getting everything together so beautifully on the green. Also council workers who cut the grass specially this week to make it all possible. Above all, thanks also to Rosie the Corn Snake and Arthur the Badger, and their owners...

Hulcott Church, now part of the Aylesbury Team, is small but great fun — thirteenth century, with some very nice glass, a chamber organ and a carved altar added by one particularly keen Victorian Rector. In 1535 the manor was held by Benedict Lee, great great (+ some) grand pappy of Robert. E Lee. Just to set things in a true bucolic context, my favourite animal skit of all time, courtesy of Mr Chinnery, the well meaning but profoundly incompetent vetinarian on the League of Gentlemen:

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