Friday, 25 July 2008

Indaba — Sorted. Respect Due.

Since logging my last entry at coffee time, my indaba has met and, almost eerily, exactly these concerns have been raised, shared and actioned! A comment was made that our indaba group was feeling like a study group, and our (smaller) study group like a deep and genuine indaba!

We have responded by giving ourselves permission to consider broader concerns around the set guidelines, and also tying our Bible Study groups into our indaba. We will try starting with input from Bible Study group leaders, to which we can feel free to divert serious attention.

That way, we free ourslves up a bit for some of the harder conversations we have been having partially, but need to have more fully, so that we can leave here stronger. We also allow Scripture to shape and fill our deliberations more consciously and fully — an excellent idea, say I.

This indaba is now working on a meta as well as content level. That was quick! I’m slightly surprised, rather refreshed and greatly encouraged.

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