Monday 8 September 2008

How those Christians love one another

Great to take the morning service in Burnham, Slough yesterday, and see the new Vicar, Bill Jackson, settling in so well. Readings were Romans 13 (whatever regulation, love is the fulfilling of the law) with a gospel from Matthew about people being accountable to the body, and direct with one another when wronged. People sometimes make it sound as though “the faith once delivered to the saints” is an entirely dogmatic reality. In fact it does, as I understand it, include the Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus’ enacted parable of the women taken in adultery, and these remarkable words from Romans... Gospel is inherently relational; and more people don’t believe in God because they perceive relational deficits in Church than because of any dogmatic factor.

Feeling a little sappy about loving other Christians, someone showed me a bit of graffiti at St Peter’s. The Church was trashed about 350 years ago in the English Civil War, and around that time someone inscribed on a pillar
I suppose Alexander VII probably was a bit of a card (Alexander VI Borgia certanly was). Those were the days...

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