Friday 24 October 2008

Eton Wick: Fun, phonics & feelings

A rather glorious time yesterday at Eton Wick C of E Primary School, celebrating their 120th anniversary. This school is actually in the Windsor and Maidenhead LEA area, and, to continue the Dickensian theme, is emerging now from some hard times. Schools that are sandwiched between the various education systems around Slough (selective/ non-selective, 2-tier/ 3-tier) tend to experience life as a roller coaster ride, as successive waves of children take different paths going through. Lucy Holt, the local Vicar, has really committed herself to this school as chair of governors, and everybody is working hard in partnership to make it really fly. Yesterday there was plenty to celebrate, looking forwards as well as back over 120 years.

EW had a discouraging Ofsted a few years ago, but have used it constructively and are now doing some really excellent work, especially in reception and KS1, where I noticed the Ruth MiskinRead/Write method — a creative, inclusive “synthetic” phonics-based scheme that really engages childrens’ imagimations around shapes as well as sounds. There’s some fabulous learning going on at Eton Wick, with a bold and imaginative programme of building development, including a new family centre next year on its extensive, but discrete, site.
I was impressed by some great work some of the youngest EW children have been doing on moods, feelings, colours and faces, which shone with fun and emotional intelligence. I’m still thinking through something I was told at Wycombe Abbey about how children really learn — “I’ll probaby forget what you said; I’ll try and remember what you did; but I may remember for the rest of my life how you made me feel...
This works for Church, too.

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Steve Hearn said...

Wonderful! I love to see children's drawings of faces, it's how I got started all those years ago!

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