Monday, 27 October 2008

Would you adam and eve it?

Limbering up for a John Milton 400th anniversary celebration, I came across an excellent article about Milton and Sex , by Theo Hobson, in Saturday’s Guardian. A mystery commenter calling themselves “FromMe2U,” responded with a total gem that may be worthy of wider reflection:
a friend tells me if Adam and Eve had been Chinese they would have eaten the snake, not the apple, so stayed in Eden forever.


Anonymous said...

Yep those Chinese always throw everything on its head.

I read somewhere that to Jesus' question "Which of you, if his son asks for a fish, will give him a snake?", in China the answer would be "I will!"

Sarah Brush said...

Robbie Williams posed a similar alternative history possibility on his intentionally challenging "I tried Love" (bonus track on the album Escapology):

D'ya think Adam fancied Eve?
What if Eve could not conceive,
And he had to breed with Steve,
We'd all be GAY!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Wow! By what a slender thread hangs our flawed humanity!

Bob MacDonald said...

Ha! I got a kick out of the snake - the smoothest of characters exposing the vulnerable smoothness of the human pair (the Hebrew for subtil is very similar in sound to that for naked).

As an aside, you might enjoy Kevin Edgecomb's posts on Neusner's Theology of the Oral Torah here

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