Friday 28 November 2008

Sarah Palin — turkey trots

Too much Thanksgiving Turkey? Keep a close eye on the background, and you may never eat one again. Thanks to Matt Wardman for one last Sarah Palin interview. She tells us that what candidates go through is brutal, but compared to the turkeys it’s a Sunday School outing. I gather the death penalty was abolished in Alaska in 1957, so all the Governor thereof has to deal with is bizarre farm animal executions. Whatever they did, don’t do it. And as you give thanks for home and family, and the pilgrim fathers and the mothers of the Revolution and the Grateful Dead, above all, I hope you remembered to thank God you’re not a turkey...
Those wanting practice at noticing things in the background may care to limber up with this slightly wondrous road safety ad that has been doing the round of UK cinemas:

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