Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter is for life...

...and not just for Christmas. Archbishop Rowan’s YouTube messages are setting a consistently high standard of thoughtful comment. He explains simply what Christians do, and what it means to us. He pictures Holy Week and Easter as a journey, following the story with multiple subtexts and inner levelsJust add imagination and honesty, and you never know; you may get some personal revelation.


Ernest said...

Thank you for pointing us towards this. A hopeful message, with the Tag Line from Matthews Gospel

"Jesus saying, "I'm with you always. I'm with you 'til the very end of the world."

The hopeful message for everyone.

Peter Carey said...

Beautiful video...some fine work done by the Archbishop!

Blessings on Holy Week,

In Christ,

Peter M. Carey+

Erika Baker said...

I loved the line "there is no Jesus there, there is no Jesus locked up in the past". Wow.

Thank you for posting this.

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