Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hallelujah Chorus for Trappists

I was going to have a day off the Blog today, enjoying worshipping in Church as a member of the congregation on a glorious, beautiful Sunday evening. My tweepcount reached 1742 this morning and I had posted the première of Handel’s Messiah as my historical fact. Then The Revd David Lewis sent me something on Twitter that I simply have to record for posterity — the Hallelujah Chorus performed by a choir subect to a vow of silence. Perfick.

PS The fact that David seems to have managed to get this to me from the floor of the Baptist Assembly in Bournemouth only addds to its essential wonderfulness.


Rev R Marszalek said...

Made me lol
thank you

Don Lafferty said...

I'm not worthy.

Michael said...

Blessed is He that provideth this post!

michael j
Conshohocken, PA USA

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