Thursday 25 June 2009

Join Facebook, Get Raptured

Something very weird is going on. Yesterday Dave Walker put on his blog some interesting figures about people and interests on Facebook, establishing

18,623,700 people live in the United Kingdom and are on Facebook. 4,123,460 say they are 'single', 3,722,720 'in a relationship', 873,780 'engaged' and 3,228,320 'married'. Of 8,442,940 men, 3,566,820 say they are 'interested in women', 106,400 say they are 'interested in men'. Of 9,422,220 women, 3,200,880 say they are are 'interested in men', 281,800 say they are 'interested in women'.

1,220,280 of these people like 'sex', and an almost identical number like 'sleeping' (these were the single biggest numbers I could find for any interests, though there may be other very popular interests I haven't thought of!) 909,940 people like 'school' 663,580 people like 'pubs'

Religious interests
95,400 people like 'Christ'
90,860 people like 'the Bible'
77,020 people like 'Islam'
31,820 people like 'praying'
24,440 people like 'God'
15,740 people like 'prayers'
8,860 people like 'church'
6,560 people like 'Christianity'
3,740 people like 'confession'
1,820 people 'going to church'
440 people like 'Bible study'
240 people like 'Anglican Communion'

Church Mouse added figures for 'Jesus,' 108,240, and 35,500 'Jesus Christ'

Well, having an hur on a train this evening I thought I'd check the figures for myself. Today the whole population seems to be shrinking in a frightening and mysterious way:

(Yesterday) Today
Population (18,623,700) 15,514,660
Singles (
4,123,460) 3,118,260
Relationship (3,722,720) 3,283,520
Engaged (873,780) 852,520
Married (3,228,320) 3,097,020

Men (8,442,940) 7,264,480
into women
(3,566,820) 3,060,120
into men
(106,400) 95,160

Women (8,442,940) 7,264,480
into men
(3,566,820) 3,060,120
into women
(106,400) 95,160

Get the idea? Something has happened to over 3 million, who are no longer among us. Even more disturbingly, only 6,834,220 claim to speak UK English. Even more unexpectedly, with only 4,620 Roman Catholics, 38,940 claim to be “Monks.”

Shome Mishtake?


Dave Walker said...

I adjusted the 'age' field to be 'any-any' rather than '18-any'. Might this explain some of the raptured souls? (Spellchecker wants to say 'ruptured souls', but I'm having none of it.)

Erp said...

I find it worrying that according to your research the number of men and number of women in facebook is the same.

FrDarryl said...

Sounds like 'Father' John Nelson Darby has been prolific since his dear departure: thrice as many now-departed pre-trib', pre-mill', Dispensationalist sectarians than regular Anglican worshippers in the UK.

Ann Memmott said...

Only 1.3% on Facebook admit to a same-sex interest ?! That's a bit short of the national estimate of 6% from surveys done by the Government...Anyone would think people don't always tell the truth on there :-)

Alexis said...

ha ha ha I love it! more monks than there are Catholics hmmmm . . . . very interesting.

John Chilver said...

Well, there are some Anglican and Orthodox monks of course. Probably not 34,000 of them though.

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