Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tale from the Crypt

Whilst licensing Paul Hinckley as Team Vicar in Marlow on Friday night, a very joyful thing to be doing, I was delighted to see what’s been going on recently in the crypt under All Saints. In place of Victorian Studded coffins, spiders and common or garden dust, the space has been done up by local Anglicans and Methodists working inpartnership as a Crypt Café for young people to gather.

Previous occupants have been moved to suitably tasteful consecrated local accommodation, and much creative thinking has gone into the remodelling of the building.The space has been superbly decorated and equipped, largely by volunteer labour, but with specialist advice and labour from the particpating congregations.

The aim is to provide a safe, friendly place for young people to gather for various activities. Stylish lighting makes the place really inviting, and the scale of the spaces under the arches is warm and welcoming, even if you're not dead. It’s very gratifying to see living community flourish in what was, literally, dead space. It makes me wonder what other hiden places there may around Bucks that could find a new lease of life

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Anonymous said...

Hey cool! You obviously got a sneak preview being the bishop!

We were told it was full of teenagers, and we didn't fancy putting them off going again by peering through the windows!

Really great to know as well that people enabled the project to go through rather than seeing or emphasising obstacles (like the moving of the crypts previous residents!)

Fantastic to meet you at last ;-)

I shall try and sneak a visit to the Crypt at some point, when life has calmed down in the parish Paul has left behind!

May God Bless this outreach abundantly.

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