Monday, 2 January 2012

All Clear: O Frabjous Day!

Alarm over. This site is now pure and wholesome and lovely and safe, with an almost lemony freshness. No techie, me, but I’ve been tinkering deep in the works this evening, struggling to eliminate the cause of a warning that was coming up when it was opened with the Chrome browser, proclaiming that, although essentially harmless, it could damage people's computers if opened, because of Malware sourced from another site.

Many thanks to Alan Crawley and others for helping me pin this down and eliminate any appearance of foul play or sordid beastliness. Job done. Unless anyone out there knows better, in which case please say.

In the meanwhile I have also taken steps to simplify radically the blog design, retaining one or two of the bits people actually seemed to use, but eliminating a large number of tools, markers and badges that had growed like Topsy since 2007. The purpose of many had slipped into the mists of time, and I had been warned by some readers that the site was taking longer to load than it should.

In that spirit, I hope we are all clear to proceed to more interesting subjects. I am aware, however that there are still mimsy borogroves out there. Please email me at the first sign of anything untoward, or if you miss any feature of the old site that could do with being ported to this one.


Scott Gunn said...

The new clean design is lovely. Glad to see you blogging more. My hope is to do the same.

Have a joyous and blessed new year -- free from the clutter of extra widgets.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Thanks, Scott. I'm sorry to have missed you during your recent UK tour - I phoned a couple of times on that mobile number and got a message saying it would text you, but somehow not in the kind of tone of voice that gave me any confidence it would! Glad there's now life beyond Rhode Island... all best and every blessing for 2012

Graham said...

Good to have you back and you are much quicker to load (I used to click in and then find something else to do until you loaded!)!

Nancy Wallace said...

No malware warnings about your blog from Google Chrome today. It seems free of mimsy borogroves, not to mention mome raths, but I hate to tell you - I found more than one Jabberwocky in this post!

Andrew Gerns said...

As a Chrome user I am very glad that your site is now declared ritually clean and can now come out of hiding.

I also love the new design! Good work!

Andrew Gerns

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