Friday, 27 January 2017

How to Get Home in the Fog

I always wonder what horses think about a coachman. 
I imagine that they think him stupid, unjust, particular about unnecessary trifles, and always checking them needlessly. 

But his business is to get the coach along without upsetting it. He is on the box & he sees more than anybody else. He is not responsible for the obstacles in the road and if he could regulate all the traffic he could make things easy all round. 

But alas he is limited to the obscure & ignoble duty of steering his own vehicle to the best of his power.

Bishop of London to Fr Henry Westall, 3 April 1900.

“True, My Lord,” Mr Westall might have replied, “but in a fog the coachman, from his box, sees no further than anyone else can, while the horses (poor unreasoning beasts) can at least feel the solid ground under their feet, 
and sometimes their instinct will lead them safely home.”
W.Scott, "An 'advanced' view of the 'Church Crisis'"
Nineteenth Century, April 1901, p 692.


UKViewer said...

This amply describes the latest HoB pronouncement on human sexuality.

All that time wasted on shared conversations, but slamming the door firmly in the face of those already suffering discrimination from the Church.

Weasel words and cowardice.

June Butler said...

Excellent, Alan. Bless you for speaking out in favor of equality.

Helen King said...

Many thanks for this.

I was also one of this diocese’s people on the Shared Conversations. I took this responsibility as seriously as I could, setting up a blog to share what happened, and talking to my deanery and my parish about it. I’m really disappointed in GS2055, and wondering why we even went through the diocesan Shared Conversations – the lack of any report from the events means that they seem to have disappeared without trace, and I am not aware of any follow-up in this diocese. I feel some of the pain of my gay and lesbian friends at the vagueness of the message of a ‘change of tone’ and the continued mess around how selection processes operate. I’ve blogged my reactions at greater length on


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