Monday 29 October 2007

Just going outside & may be some time... the man said.
But only, in fact, DV until Saturday.

I’m off for the inside of a week’s retreat at the Benedictine house of Saint-Wandrille near Rouen. I go there every year, to reset the liturgical clocks, get back in touch with reality, and spend some time (as the Salesians at Cold Ash used to say) on my tod with God. I used to take a pile of books, but these days I don’t bother, as you get a Bible and a Rule of Benedict on the house. You just pray along with it and see where it goes.

The Saint Wandrille Community is the best place in the world to do this kind of thing. It all fits me like an old glove, and the community’s been going on the site since 649 AD, so it does actually work. You can find out all about the monastery here. I will take the camera. To blog or not to blog? Actually, I'm not as good at journalling as I could be, but I suspect these few days would be best spent without muckin’ about on the internet. I may post some reflections when it’s all over.

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