Saturday 8 March 2008

Cup Runneth Over in MK — Official

Day off with Lucy in the vibrant new City of Milton Keynes. New Apple Store, now open. A couple of weeks ago I thought they’d veiled the Apple Store for Lent. Ruddy good idea, if Apple were serious about helping me in my struggle against temptation. Who am I that I should serve an episcopal Area that now has its very own Ikea, Lego Shop and Apple Store? She hung onto the plastic, though. Good move. Damage Report Minimal. We got away with a tee shirt and ideas for a birthday present.


Anonymous said...

I went there for the first time a week ago. Without making your lenten discipline more difficult I do need to ask the question, wasn't the MacBook Air, thoroughly wonderful? It was enough to make me convert, and I've only recently acquired a Vaio! Sorry not to have ben at the meeting the other day. Regards, a Baptist Tempter.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Aaargh! Get thee hence, vile tempter!! My laptop isn't up for replacement for a year or so, and perhaps by then the MBAir won't seem as yummy, but for now I have to agree.

Congrats on your blog, too Geoff. I'm greatly enjoying it...

as ever


Scott Gunn said...

I enjoyed this post. Someday, maybe I'll be lucky enough to live in such a diocese.

When I'm preaching about temptation, I've used the local Apple store as my example. Just this morning, one of the parishioners was telling me how her daughters always talk about "how much Father Scott likes it here" when they go the Apple store. I told her about your post. She is now convinced you're the coolest bishop on the planet. Thought you should know you have some fans in Rhode Island, USA.

By the way, my bishop (+Geralyn Wolf) just got a new MacBook Air. You can check it out when she's at Lambeth this summer. :-)


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Many Thanks, Scott. My cup (which was running over) now runneth over even more. I will definitely keep an eye out for +Geralyn round Canterbury — which won't be difficult to do with MBAir.

all best


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