Friday 7 March 2008

Mothering Sunday in Stewkley

Mothering Sunday morning began for me in Stewkley. It’s a busy hub vilage, with a thriving congregation, including children of all sizes, and a good smattering of real mothers of all ages.

St Michael’s Church is an amazing building — basically a Norman Minster Church that time forgot, apart from a few Victorian decorations. The footprint, and the feel as you walk through the door is almost exactly as it would have been in 1150! It’s simply never been nobbled or expanded since, with no side aisles, or even large windows. The West Door is pure Lord of the Rings, with twisted tail dragons chasing each other through a chevron pattern you find all around the Church.

Best of all, however, St Michael’s is no museum, but a vibrant heart to its community. Michelle Morton, the Vicar, has been hard at work in the Church school and with young families, and the parish has very able and caring lay leadership. It was great fun to celebrate God’s goodness in a place heaving with history, but also full of life. Revolution by Tradition! Avanti!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Stewkley is amazing. But the Church is absolutely fabulous. I am RC, but I find peace on entering this building and visit it very often, as I find our Religions are so intertwined that it really doesn't pose a problem. My children also go to a C of E school in Stewkley. I must say though, that I am relieved the Vicar has resigned. But I wish to comment no further on that.

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