Friday, 9 May 2008

Sea Otters get Toronto Blessing

I don’t usually do cutesy animal stuff, but Lucy has pointed out these are irresistible — From Toronto Zoo, two Sea Otters holding hands. In the spirit of “heave-a-brick-at-the-screen” irritating M&S ads, these are not otters. These are Newfoundlnd baby sea otters, with fluffy paws, little bushy tails and Steiff teddy bear noses, synchro-swimming in fresh Ontario Brine. Bless!


Huw said...

It's the "re-joining" that gets me.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

Newfoundland sea otters? I suspect not. They are uniquely a Pacific coast creature. Newfoundland's on the other coast.

Canadian Wildlife Pedant

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Many thanks, Mr Rabbit, for corrected info. I love the thought that there’s a spaced out West Coast to Canada, too... It all makes perfect sense.

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