Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Brain — Stroke of Genius

As both my parents had strokes towards the ends of their lives, a remarkable TED talk caught my eye. Recently Jill Bolte Taylor, brain scientist, had a stroke which she was able to analyse as it happened. Her story, from this year’s TED event at Monterey, affirms powerfully the concept of the brain as a powerful self-organising structure, along with some fascinating workshop manual information about what Woody Allen called his “second favourite organ.”

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Dawn Rowan said...

This is one of the best lectures I have listened to about the brain. Having dealt with emotional people during my 20 years of service to the community managing cemeteries and funeral businesses in Australia, I have studied how to manage conversations. That meant studying how the brain stores messages and how to make sense of the arithmetic that goes on in peoples heads.

During those years I built a reputation of being able to calm emotionally distressed people in seconds.

John Gilbertson
The Arithmetic of Conversation

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