Sunday, 13 July 2008

Zimbabwe: today’s prices...

Sunday paper?
Holy Orthodox Deacon and all round good guy Steve Hayes bought himself a Sunday Independent in Gauteng today. It cost him SA R 11,50 (including VAT).
Now in Zimbabwe, one of these beauties would have set him back, er..
30 Billion Dollars.

$30 000 000 000 000,00.

Can you think of any sanction that could screw the Zim economy up more than Friend Mugabe already has?


Anonymous said...

It's actually very simple. The EU could impose tighter sanctions, prohibit the German firm that is currently printing all the currency for Zimbabwe from trading with the Mugabe regime and topple the dictatorship inside a week.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

...and it wouldn't take the UN. Anyone suggested this?

There must be a phenomenal informal economy (barter + dealings with the elite with hard currency).

Many thanks, Peter.

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