Thursday, 16 October 2008

Banks, Bandaids and Badinage

UK Satirical magazine Private Eye provides its own narrative of our recent financial plague month, with cartoons:

The root of all this isn’t some quantum of greed beyond the rest of us, but something we all do given half a chance:

Funnymoney is ultimately, er, funnymoney:

The result has been, depending on your point of view, a Massive Bank Nationalisation to make Lenin blush, or an act of (compulsory) mass investment beyond Mrs Thatcher’s wildest nightmares. Same difference?

Meanwhile the Wilson family has been fiddling while Rome burns in our own sweet ways. Catherine made Anna a Deep Chocolate and Fresh Raspberry cake for her birthday yesterday, whilst Stewart and Nick have made an creditcrunchable escapist movie — Jim & Jam’s Bicurious Adventures:

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