Sunday 2 November 2008

Visions of Faith for today

On the threshold of my annual retreat at the Abbaye Saint Wandrille, reorientating on God and the basics, I’ve been thinking about how we picture faith, and its roots and branches. A fortnight ago I had the great honour and pleasure of helping lead a parish weekend for Prince’s Risborough. It’s always fun to work with the same group of people for more thna a couple of ours at a time. Risborough is facing various transitions, including the need to reorder St Mary’s and to find a new Team Rector.

On the weekend we talked through two images of faith; one the coded and densely packed allegorical vision of Jan Vermeer from 1623, and the other more contemporary: I wonder especially what the modern one says about faith as a corporate enterprise, well anchored, but intensely involving and liberating...

I am banged up having my annual reali
ty check at Saint Wandrille, Normandy, until Saturday 08 November. This entry has been preposted. The internet is switched firmly off for the week, and I will be delighted to respond to comments, but only at the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Alan
Hope the retreat was refreshing in every sense. I'm just sorting out my own - with the Benedictines in Ireland who are linked with Bec in Normandy

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Just off to France, David. I could really do with the de-coke this year! I hope to come back with a few nuggets of stuff... and hope and pray you have a really good time back in the Emerald Isle.

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