Tuesday 4 November 2008

USA Today: Left or right?

Although accompanied by an American friend, I can pretty much guarantee to be spending US election night tucked up in bed with the Rule of Benedict in French and Latin, anticipating a 5:25 morning start tomorrow at Saint Wandrille. I wonder when the result will permeate rural Normandy? Could this be the US equivalent of the UK 1997 election?

It may aid contemplation to ponder a classic test of left/right brain function. Some people claim that if you stare long enough at the dancer she can rotate either way. Others say that if you look at a picture or read, when you look back at her she can reverse direction. Yet others say some people simply see her going one way and others the other. Whatever, she is living proof that what you think you see as obvious, left or right, depends at least partly on you. How true is this of theological positons and assumptions?
somebody said she is also a reminder of the power of spin, but that’s not funny.

I am banged up having my annual reality check at Saint Wandrille, Normandy, until Saturday. This entry has been preposted. The internet is switched firmly off for the week, and I will be delighted to respond to comments, but only at the weekend.

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