Sunday 21 December 2008

Crash bang wallop: real joy!

Lost and Found Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall. I hadn’t been there for about twenty years, then Herbie Hancock last month, and now a friend kindly gave Lucy and me tickets for this Son-of-Stomp! spectacular. It’s music, Jim, but not as we know it. No conventional instruments are involved. An orchestra of 50 (plus choir of 40) produce a riot of co-ordinated, elaboate, messy joy. The instruments are made from a variety of items off a skip (US - Dumpster), including parking cones, saws, crutches, shopping trolleys, rubber hosing and IV Drip stands. There’s dance involved, and presentation is as important as the sound. It’s a whole composite deal, where everyone is someone. It alll sounds a bit like Adiemus, but crazier. To get the best of it, you do have to be there — no mere film can do it justice.

I think we learned something last night —
It’s amazing what you can find in the things people trash — there is music hidden away in everything, waiting for people with the imagination and commitment to release it together.
Is this what Saint Paul meant when he described the Church as the “dregs of everything”?

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Ann said...

Just what I needed to zip up my sermon today! Thanks

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