Monday, 22 December 2008

Radio Christmas 87·7 FM

Early start to go and do a brief slot with Martin Hughes on Radio Christmas. This terrific project, initiated by Duncan Dyason, supports his charity, Street Kids Direct, working to help young people rebuild threir lives on the streets of Guatemala and Honduras:

Getting a radio frequency for 1-24 December involves licensing, equipment, helpers, programming, production. Radio Christmas is a massive collaborative effort — take a look at the Flickr slideshow, and you'll see how many different people have been up for it, many of them young people getting early experience of broadcasting. It’s been hot in the studio!

I imagine Duncan will sleep the sleep of the righteous on Christmas Day, but this is plainly an idea that could spread all over the country. It’s generated fabulous community involvement and Christmas cheer, and is well on its way to raising £10K for street children in Guatemala... Click here to be part of it!

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